Earlier this month, McDonald’s Japan announced the grand prize winner of its Big Mac Award Art Contest. The results inspired a great deal of online debate, as is often the case with topics as subjective as art and design. What the judges see as artistic and inspired might look like a mess to the greater masses. Read on for a taste of  the juicy reactions to this creative burger art.

The theme of this art contest was the Big Mac, as implied by the award’s title. The grand prize winner was chosen from roughly 1,400 entries by a panel of judges including multiple members of McDonald’s artistic marketing team.

The winning piece is called Big Mac Store by 27-year-old Yuri Ikeguchi. Using colored pencils, she made McDonald’s front counter into the likeness of a burger. The colors create a warm and gentle atmosphere that is quite charming. However, the simple style and uneven lines have led many people to criticize it as low-quality art.

Here are just a few of the contrasting opinions being posted:

“Um, ok…”
“This is shit LOL”
“Apparently, they wanted something that looked drawn by a five-year-old.”
“It’s awesome!”
“So bad I died laughing.”
“I could never draw cool crap like that, so I’m kind of impressed.”
“Looks like something that’d win the Big Mac Grand Prix, but I’m having trouble picking out its good points. I thought at first that it was drawn by a kid, but nope.”
“I don’t understand art.”

Already, the piece has begun appearing on McDonald’s trays, carryout bags, and other packaging in restaurants across Japan. If you ever come across it, do judge for yourself the value of this art piece. And, if you happen to agree with those who find it lacking, you can revel in the act of tossing it in the garbage at the end of your meal.

Reference: Big Mac Award Art Contest (Japanese)

▼ Here’s a glimpse at all of the ways this award winning art will be used.

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