OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn Japanese, o-mori refers to an extra large food portion. Feeling particularly hungry? Just upgrade your regular ramen by ordering “ramen o-mori.”

Of course, some restaurants don’t feel the phrase “large portion” does their creations justice, and have come up with their own special codes such as toku-mori, giga-mori, mega-mori, deka-mori, and doka-mori. They all mean the same thing, though: gargantuan grub. Come along with us on a tour of Japan’s culinary behemoths, and bring your appetite.

The photo above was taken at Café Majori in Aichi Prefecture, where the colossal curry with fried chicken is officially referred to as yaya-mori, or a “kind of big portion.” It’s hardly the only giant curry plate in Japan, though. For example, the pork cutlet curry at Manrai in Nigata Prefecture is so large it seems to have become self-aware, with its toppings trying to crawl their way out from the deluge of roux on top of them.
BE 39

Of course, meat doesn’t have to be slathered in spicy sauces to get our attention when there’s this much of it.
BE 2
But perhaps you’re looking for a healthier option. Instead of a pile of red meat, how about a wad of tuna?
Not up for Japanese food? That’s OK. Maybe Chinese is more up your alley.
BE 7
Or perhaps you’re not a fan of Asian cuisine in general. The restaurant, Onion, in Miyazaki Prefecture can whip you up a two kg (4.4 pound) hamburger steak platter. It’s like a hamburger steak wearing another hamburger steak for a hat. Or alternatively, a hamburger steak wearing boots (that are also made of hamburger steak).
BE 69
Café Majori’s volcano-like rice omelet is so terrifyingly large it can even frighten inanimate objects, like this stunned-looking hippo figurine.
BE 31
Crane, a restaurant in Chiba, takes on the same dish but is lighter on the sauce. After seeing this dish, it makes us think they may have chosen their name because you’ll need heavy construction equipment to lift the thing.
This ramen doesn’t come with strips of pork so much as it does a small pig.
BE 17
And what this one lacks in meat, it makes up for by being topped with enough bean sprouts that it could double as a wig for Marie Antoinette.
Whereas this restaurant shows you can have ridiculous amounts of both meat and vegetables, as long as you don’t constrain yourself to a single serving vessel.
BE 20
Of course, the double container system can be applied in a number of ways.
And once your meal reaches these proportions, it’s only sensible to provide it with some kind of semi-permanent housing.

“Hey dude, I missed the last train. Can I crash in your pork cutlet bowl tonight?”
BE 65
And what’s a home without a garden? We especially like the parsley forests on the mountain of pork, overlooking the fried egg lake.

BE 72
In the unlikely event that you managed to save room for dessert, Café Majori is again at the ready with a melon cream soda.
BE 30
Or you can swing by Hachi no Ie in Tokyo’s Ginza for what looks like a whole loaf of bread, but is in actuality a gigantic cream puff.

That’s about all we have room for, but if you’re still hungry for more, read on for the rest of the menu of super o-mori offerings.

Ridiculous Rice Dishes
The “eat it if you can” tempura bowl at Toyo no Don in Yokohama tips the scales at 1.5 kg (3.3 lb.)
Café Majori does Chinese, too: spicy tofu with rice.
It’s really the beans that make this pork bowl work at Bancho in Hokkaido.
BE 43
Remember, for he who stares into the Chinese-style bowl, the Chinese-style bowl stares back at him.
BE 70
The mixed tempura bowl at Fukagawa Tsuribune in Tokyo costs just 1,000 yen, but only one is served per day.
BE 4
Because you really can’t call it a rice bowl with everything until it has an orange on top.

BE 58

BE 57

BE 42


BE 77

Preposterous Pastas and Noodles

Is a four-leaf clover still good luck if it’s made out of pork?

The “Mt. Fuji-mori” of cold soba at Minatoan in Yokohama.

BE 81

BE 21

BE 18


Colossal Curries

37 toppings at once at popular curry chain CoCo Ichibanya.
BE 89

This sort of looks like it could fit in with the adorable puppets of Sesame Street.
BE 12

BE 83

BE 78

Monstrous Meats

Who knew stacking chunks of fried chicken was such a delicate art form?
BE 3

BE 62

Although it kind of seems like cheating if you pin them down.
BE 49

Audacious Omelets Filled with Rice
BE 56

BE 29

BE 80

And for those of you who still haven’t had your fill, here are a few more for the road.
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BE 67

BE 50


Source and images: Naver Matome