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If you’ve ever been to Japan, or even heard about Japan, you’re probably familiar with ramen. And not the instant ramen you can find squatting sullenly in the back of college students’ cupboards across the world. We’re talking about the hot, heaping bowls of the delicious noodles sold in restaurants all around the country. And certainly not this kind.

Each prefecture and city—nay, each store—has its own specialty items, but the following videos showcase something a little different.

The basics of making ramen in a restaurant aren’t terribly different from what you might expect. The one thing that does stand out is how hot water is drained from the noodles. In most shops, it’s as simple as grabbing a strainer, scooping up some noodles, and giving them a few shakes.

The guys in the videos below, though, have taken water straining to a whole new level. We could even call it a sort of performance art.

  • The first video is from Ramen Nakamuraya in Kanagawa Prefecture. Here, the ramen cook demonstrates what is known as the tenkuu otoshi (“falling from the sky”) technique. Basically, it consists of holding the ramen-filled strainer as high as possible and then snapping it down. His stance looks like something out of Street Fighter. Not terribly difficult, but we give it an B+ for style.
  • Our next video is from Ramen Iwamotoya in Ishikawa Prefecture. The cook shows off the men otoshi (“falling noodles”) technique, which is quite nearly what it sounds like. After tipping the strainer back far enough for the noodles to fall out, the cook jerks it down and catches them before giving the whole thing a sharp snap. Moderate difficulty, we imagine, and boy does it look cool. We give it an A-!
  • Now here’s a rather unique one. The cook at Ramen Yuu Matsumoto in Saitama Prefecture demonstrates the shop’s hissatsu katate (“special one-armed”) technique. Sticking the strainer and ramen straight out in front of his body, he jerks it back and slaps it across his thigh! The cameraman asks about pulling his shoulder, but the cook laughs it off, saying he’s more worried about the strainer breaking! While it does look pretty cool, we’re kind of worried about dirt and sweat from his pants getting on our ramen! How about a B- for this one, because it does look pretty sweet.
  • Now this one is just darn cool. Here, the cook at Ramenka 69 ‘N’ ROLL ONE (what a name!) is performing the usually snapping technique. What’s unique is his rhythmic snapping and psychobilly-esque stance. Unfortunately, we only get a look from behind, so it’s hard to tell just how great this technique is. We’ll have to give him a C+, but we’ll blame it on the cameraman.
  • This one might be my favorite. At Shirakuma Ramen (White Bear Ramen) in Mie Prefecture, we have a cook by the name of Naga. The name given for the technique is simply: Naga’s special water draining technique. With a strainer in each hand, he swings them around before tossing them, one by one, spinning into the air! After catching and snapping them both once more, he deftly deposits the noodles into the broth. We’re gonna have to give this one a solid A!
  • Now here’s a guy who can really multitask! Though it’s not too showy, this cook at the simply named restaurant Ramen in Kitasenju, Tokyo, grabs four strainers at once (two in each hand) snaps the water out and then dumps the noodles into the bowls all at once. Not bad! While it’s a great time saver, it’s also not too flashy. This B+ is for you , sir!
  • Unfortunately, we’re not sure where this video comes from. However, the cook does give us a… well, let’s just call it an “interesting” show and leave it at that. Using a flat strainer for this tamashii (spirit) technique, he… umm… kind of makes a mess of everything. Sorry, you’ll have to watch the video for this one. While it’s pretty funny, we can’t in good conscious give this anything more than a C-.
  • Lastly, here’s another video with from an unidentified source. There’s not really any special technique here. The cook just starts off slapping the noodles up and down, slowly picking up speed. Kind of a let down after all the others, but at least it’s cleaner than the last video! Sorry, but welcome to C town.

Well, that’s it folks! Remember: RocketNews24 is never responsible for any scalding water splashed across your face when you try this at home!

Source: Matome Naver