For those of you who are a little on the squeamish side when it comes to needles and injections, there’s some good news that might just make your anxiety a thing of the past. The solution comes in the form of a needle that promises to cut the sensation of pain by up to 20 percent. It all has to do with the use of plasma technology in the manufacturing process of the needle itself.

The needle, which is the product of a collaboration between the consolidated subsidiary of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, Tokyo University and Nagata Seiki’s Research Department, boasts a much finer needle point than has been achievable up until now.

The technological breakthrough reduces the penetration resistance of the needle upon entry into the skin by up to 45 percent. In terms of the level of pain the patient actually feels, clinical reports suggests it to work out at about a 20 percent reduction.

This percentage may raise a few eyebrows when you consider that there’s still arguably an element of pain involved. However, such a reduction may just be enough to bring injections into the tolerable pain threshold for many a patient.

Below is a close up of the needle used up until now. As you can see, the tip of the needle carries quite some thickness.


Now take a look at the needle developed using plasma technology. The thinness of its tip is quite remarkable.


When it comes to shots, just what type of patient are you? Do you think with a needle like this you might be able to get a flu jab without closing your eyes?

Source: Gizmodo Japan