Cardboard Matsumoto Castle

Matsumoto-jo, also known as “Crow Castle,” is located in Nagano Prefecture and has been designated as a National Treasure of Japan. Surprisingly, the photo above isn’t that of a professionally made model of the famous castle. A Japanese artist that goes by the moniker, Upunushu, created this replica of Matsumoto Castle entirely out of cardboard. Each intricate detail, from the stone walls to the tiny emblem designs below the roof, were made by hand.

▼ This talented artist turned a humble pile of cardboard…Cardboard Matsumoto Castle

▼ …into a beautiful work of art.Cardboard Matsumoto Castle

▼ Here’s a picture of the real Matsumoto Castle for reference. It’s remarkably similar!

Matsumoto Castle

It took one week of planning, six months of building, and 300 yen (US$2.95) in materials to complete this stunning cardboard recreation. Let’s take a look at some of the work that went into it:

▼ Making the stone wall base.Cardboard Matsumoto Castle

▼ Putting each cardboard stone in place, bit by bit. This part alone took two months to complete.Cardboard Matsumoto Castle

▼ Guard rails to go around the castle.Cardboard Matsumoto Castle

▼ Guard rails in place.Cardboard Matsumoto Castle

▼ The roof must have taken an especially long time to build. Here you see small strips glued to each piece of cardboard.Cardboard Matsumoto Castle

▼ Each piece is then cut apart…Cardboard Matsumoto Castle

▼ …and then glued in place as the roof.Cardboard Matsumoto Castle

▼ Another view of the roof.Cardboard Matsumoto Castle

▼ Yes, this castle really was made entirely of cardboard. Incredible!Cardboard Matsumoto Castle

▼ View the full video of the making of cardboard Matsumoto Castle here.

Upunushu has been making cardboard recreations ever since she was a fifth grade elementary school student. Now in her mid-twenties, she has perfected her craft and produces some amazing works. If you are interested in viewing more of Upunushu’s work, take a look at two more videos uploaded to NicoNicoDouga:

Source: IT Media

Image: Lami Japan