Like many people in Japan, we at RocketNews24 love to check out Naver Matome, a website famous for their compiling of tweets, photos, and comments on a wide range of topics from current events to manga to inspirational quotes.

Recently though, much to everyone’s surprise, they have started compiling a list of films from various parts of the world which all have one thing in common: the depiction of male genitalia.

With summer, the season of blockbusters, it can be hard choosing a film to watch. Perhaps you want to base your movie selection on the appearance of a guy’s junk on screen. Whether you’re looking to catch or avoid some, penises are popping up in comedies like Forgetting Sarah Marshal, super hero flicks such as Watchmen, and sports movies such as Any Given Sunday at an ever increasing rate.

So, Naver Matome has begun building a list of films which depict the male form in all its glory. They provide a quick-glance reference in four sections.

First, they mention the “Penis Owner” which would be the actor(s) who bear it all for the sake of filmmaking. This way you don’t mistakenly go to the next Matt Damon movie with high expectations only to come tete-a-tete with Morgan Freeman’s bait and tackle.

Next is the “Penis Gauge” which measures what impact the member has on you, the viewer. The gauge runs on a scale of one to five. For example, Dr. Manhattan’s CGI business in Watchmen only ranks a one for being artificial, whereas Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist merits a five on the Penis Gauge. This is assisted by the third field, “Blurring” which states simply whether or not blurring of the genitals occurs.

This is all followed with a brief description of the scene to better inform viewers. To give a better idea, here’s a full translation of the Hollow Man (titled Invisible in Japan) entry.


Penis Owner: Kevin Bacon
Penis Gauge: 5
Blurring: Yes

It goes without saying that this is a classic penis movie. When one speaks of penis in film, THIS movie should come to mind at once!

It also has the rare joke in which the blurring is applied to Kevin Bacon’s penis only after it becomes invisible.

In spite of the blurring, this maxes the Penis Gauge and stands in the Movie Penis Hall of Fame.

It seems strange that they gave Hollow Man a 5 while Watchmen only got a 1 considering both used CGI genitals, but Naver’s the captain of this ship.  With reader participation they also would continue building their IMDb where the D stands for… You know where I’m going with this.

Source: Naver Matome via IT Media (Japanese)