Construction in any country is a dangerous job. Heavy machinery, dangerous tools, and simply unsafe conditions make such work less than ideal. But without it we wouldn’t have, well, pretty much anything. Still, we usually expect a certain amount of safety for our workers. Though that’s not always the case.

Today, we have four videos of some of the most daring construction exploits caught on camera for your heart-stopping entertainment!

Kobe, Japan

This first video is from Japan, a country you might expect to have very strict regulations on construction. As you’ll see in the video though, that’s not quite the case.

As surprising as this may seem, dropping large chunks of scaffolding a few stories to be caught by a guy on the ground is fairly normal on a Japanese construction site.

When I first moved to the country, I was desperate for work and actually found a job in deconstruction for a month. The moment I realized I wasn’t cut out for the job was when they asked me to squat on a wobbly 2×4 carelessly tossed between the ledges of two balconies four stories up in order to break down a wall with a sledgehammer. After about 15 seconds of stomach-churning bouncing, I scrambled back to safety… and let the 65-year-old guy do it for me instead. Not my proudest moment.

Okay, moving on now!

Unknown (Probably Japan)

Our second video is saved from becoming a horror show by two safety harnesses.

Everything is proceeding normally as two workers use a cutting torch to remove an enormous steel beam. That is until the beam snaps and falls down, knocking the ladders out from under them.

If your heart didn’t freeze solid for a moment at that part, nothing will get to you! Except maybe this next video.

Beijing, China

Here’s a Chinese crew demolishing a tall building in Beijing. (Be warned, the music is a little loud.)

It actually starts off on high note, as we get to see a backhoe of sorts knocking a pillar 10-or-so stories to the ground. And then one of the workers gets on the backhoe’s arm and hangs on as he’s swung out over the ground. I admit, not everyone is as terrified of heights as I am. But the sight of someone squatting on a backhoe arm, using a cutting torch to lop off 30 or 40 feet of rebar and concrete with not even a proper handle should make just about anyone catch their breath. (And not in a Jack-meets-Rose-on-the-Titanic way.)

But maybe you’re still unfazed. (And if so, you should consider becoming a superhero.)

Mumbai, India

Well, here’s our last video, from Mumbai, India.

There’s no sound, but that’s for the best, since it would have probably been filled with the cameraman’s screams of terror.

All of the videos thus far have involved great heights and clearly unsafe scaffolding. This video starts out normally enough—two guys putting scaffolding together before beginning demolition. Nothing out of the ordinary here! In fact, you may have been tempted not to watch the video to the very end.

If you did, for some reason, miss the last 30 seconds, that you might not know that these two unflappable individuals were about 30 stories in the air. (I tried counting, but the vertigo made it a bit difficult.)

Now please excuse me; I’m going to go lie on the ground and cry.

Source: Naver Matome