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Let’s say you’re a Disney fan with a love of cute animals. One day, you’re indulging in your hobby of walking through the park, assigning names of your favorite characters to all of the woodland creatures you encounter. Spy a pair of adorable chipmunks? Well hello there, Chip and Dale! See another visitor walking his dog? Ah, isn’t it nice that Pluto gets to go for a walk. And that lion? Why it must be Simba (although seriously, if there are lions in the park, get out of there, quick).

And should you encounter any ducks on your nature stroll, you’ve got a whole list of candidates, including Scrooge, Huey, Dewey, Louie, and of course Donald. Unless you happen to encounter this little guy in a park in China, in which case you’ve got to go with…Pooh?!

The resemblance is so uncanny, you can almost hear the duck saying, “Oh, bother” as you stare at him.

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“Now that is cute,” commented one Internet user. Another described the animal as “soothing,” while a third wondered what sort of legal action Disney has planned in response to this blatant copyright violation.

There’s a simple explanation for all of this. What looks like Pooh’s nose is actually just some coloring at the tip of the bill, and the chubby bear’s eyes are actually the duck’s nares (or nostrils, for the very few RocketNews24 readers who don’t hold advanced degrees in ornithology).

Of course, the more complicated explanation is that at some point Winnie the Pooh succumbed to old age and passed on, reincarnating into the body of a duck. This is the only possible reason we can imagine for the duck’s spot-on Disney character smile, although this does leave us a little confused as to whether going from a bear to a duck is a step up or down in planes of existence.

Source: Yukawa Net, TT Mop
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