If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be an inanimate object, ran out of Halloween costume ideas, or for some reason need to sneak unnoticed into an old folk’s home, this chair is for you.

What looks at top-right to be the world’s most useless furniture design is actually artist Jamie Isenstein’s “Human Chair,” literally a wearable piece of furniture. The idea is that you slip the chair on like a costume, your legs serving as the chair’s front legs and your arms protruding from holes where the chair’s arms should be.

The potential uses for this disguise seem at once limited and, with enough imagination, mind-bogglingly expansive, but my guess is if the thing ever becomes commercially available it will primarily be used for extremely specific fetish roleplaying.

Even though it’s not actually for sale, the Japanese Twitterverse is blowing up over the design, as it conjures images of the classic Japanese short story “The Human Chair” by author Edogawa Rampo. The short story weaves a tale of a furniture maker who, reluctant to leave his master work, carves a hollow in it and crawls inside.

Whatever floats your boat…
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