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For most US college students, daily fashion consists of little more than jeans and a university T-shirt or sweats. If someone’s feeling really fancy, perhaps they’ll throw on some khakis and a polo.  Only the most ambitious students will spend more than five minutes in front of the mirror before heading off to class each day. I know many students who would go in their pajamas if they could!

Over in Korea, it’s a whole different story. Korean college students have to be some of the most fashionable we’ve ever seen! One glance at the online photo gallery Campus Style icon and it’s obvious. These pictures look like they could have been taken from a top-notch fashion magazine, but apparently they’re just everyday college fashionistas going about their everyday studies! Take a look at these photos!

Campus Style icon gives us all a great look at what fashions are tending amongst both men and women in Korea. For readers with Western sensibilities, some of these outfits might seem a bit outlandish, but if you ever want to look cool in Asia, you should probably start taking notes. These pictures are a great references for what’s considered trendy on the Eastern half of the globe.

▼The key item here is the circular glasses. Very trendy.

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▼ Tight pants or leggings are also a must.

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▼ It’s a good idea to layer, and not just to compensate for the A/C indoors.

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▼ If you ladies don’t have any tight-fitting pants, a loose top and some booty shorts are also acceptable.

college korea16

▼ If you boys ever want to dress up, just thrown a blazer on over whatever you’re already wearing.

college korea13

▼ Remember what I said about layering? Try a T-shirt on top of that button-up!

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▼ And fellas, don’t be afraid of tight pants and floral print.

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Now all they need is a handy fashion map so we know where the cool kids study!

Reference: Campus Style icon (Korean)

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