100 yen sodas any size at McDonald's Japan

McDonald’s Japan has just announced their newest campaign: any carbonated beverage of any size for 100 yen (US$1).

McDonald’s seems hell-bent on making the people of Japan just as fat as us Americans. Their most recent campaigns all make it easier and much more convenient to shovel unhealthy food into your face. First, it was the “Potato Holder,” allowing anyone to easily access their fries on the go, no matter what mode of transportation they choose. Next came the “Mega Potato,” two large orders of French fries packed into one enormous container, perfect for sharing… or overindulging. And now we can get any size drink for less than the cost of an onigiri riceball.

The soda campaign will start on June 14 and continue until the end of the month. This is the second year McDonald’s Japan is offering this early summer deal, but they will now be offering Sprite as a fountain drink option. McDonald’s Japan claims to offer $1 sodas because they “want everyone to start their summer off right with a cool drink.” Just be sure to not indulge in their good deals too often, you might start your summer off with an expanded waistline instead.

Source: NariNari