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Starting from spring 2016, Japan Rail (JR) East will unveil a luxury sleeper train, hoping to provide passengers with “a fine-quality experience to enjoy Japan.”

The train had better be pretty luxurious, though, if it’s going to cost over US$2,000 for a mere two nights…

Ken Okuyama, a famous automobile designer from Japan, will supervise the project which is said to cost 5 billion yen (US$50.5 million). The luxury train will include 10 cars, including a dining car, public space, and lounge area. Each train car will only house either two or three bedrooms, meaning all guest rooms will be suites.

▼ Hopefully any remaining ghosts will have been shooed off by 2016

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According to a report in the Asahi Shimbun on June 5, a three day/two night stay in the sleeper train is expected to cost over 200,000 yen (US$2018). As you might expect, Twitter was full of shocked reactions to announcement:

I really want to ride in a sleeper train!

It looks like it can run on the local line… so cool!

I bet luxury train travel will be very popular.

If you’re going to pay over 200,000 yen for a domestic trip, you’ve got to be really rich

It seems like we’re becoming a country where only the super rich do business together.

Come on, JR West! Let’s not lose to them!

JR West probably can’t even do something like this…

It seems like many Twitter users would like to ride the new train, but many others are unsure if they will ever have the chance to. Most of us will only be left to wonder what it feels like to ride on a $50 million train.
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