Perhaps in response to the severe lack of used-panty vending machines (declared illegal in 1993), a new and convenient alternative product has been born to cater to those panty fetish needs: soft, stripy and cute panties with a tiny spray bottle full of “girl scent”.

The panties come in two different flavours: Pan-Pan 1 feature pink and white stripes, and the “girl scent” is a blend of “oriental fruits”; Pan-Pan 2 are blue-and-white striped, and come with a “girl scent” that has a fragrance of gentle soap jumped “straight out of the bath”. The product description tells us that “if you spray it on the panties, they smell as if that girl has only just taken them off!”

▼Pan-Pan 1. Marilyn, eat your heart out.

Pan-Pan 1

Sold by R18-website G Project (who also sell other adult goods including hug-pillows), this product is available only on the Japanese website under “Special”, and not on the English version, although there is some English text among the promotional material:

“Feel good. Feels right. Pan-Pan not only feels great, it’s well-made, durable, functional and it feels right with new and experienced users alike. With Pan-Pan we strive to satisfy and not dissapoint.” [sic]

It’s reassuring that you don’t have to be an experienced user for it to feel right! Right?

▼Don’t wanna pop your bubble, honey buns.


Panty fetishists (sometimes known as “pantsers”) can discreetly pick these up for 1,414 yen (about US$14). Potential purchasers can also rest assured that these cute panties are safe for intimate skin contact, as they are made in Japan, from only the best Japanese materials.

Here are some more pics from the website:




Can women now hang their underwear out on balconies to dry and rest easy in the knowledge that they won’t be stolen by the local pantser? Could we see an end to panty-related crime in our time? Let’s not get too excited—keep your pants on.

Images via G Project