I’m sure many of you wouldn’t give a second thought to the idea that the drink you consume each day has any bearing on the life you lead. However if findings from the latest report into coffee and lifestyle conducted by De’Longhi Japan are anything to go by, all this might make you reassess your daily drinking habits.

Targeting 400 volunteers aged from 30-50, the report produced some genuinely interesting findings…

The first question posed to those who took part in the survey was:

“Over the past three years how much of a change have you seen in your salary?”

Surprisingly, of the participants who answered that they had seen a considerable increase in salary, 25 percent had a strong interest in the coffee they drink and the way it is made. Coffee lovers answered that their salary had seen a rise of 100 million yen (US$1,012,600) or more.

The next question was simply:

“What is your current salary?”

What was surprising about this is that those who were particular about their coffee showed a tendency to earn a much larger income. According to this latest report, how much you earn is connected in some part to the coffee you drink and how it is brewed. For example, espresso drinkers take the highest ranking when it comes to raking in the salary, followed by those who attentively brew their coffee by hand using paper filters. Users of coffee makers and drip machines came in last.

Obviously looking at the salary alone would be a little biased, therefore let’s take a look at how a love for coffee can affect a man’s luck with the ladies.

It seems that 14.3 percent of espresso drinkers consider themselves to be popular with the ladies. When paper drip users were posed the same question, only 1.4 percent answered in that they were a hit with girls. Users of coffee makers came in at a meager 2.7 percent. Comparing the difference in percentage, espresso users outstrip the other coffee users, in terms of confidence towards the opposite sex.

This “confidence” regarding the opposite sex is also backed by actual statistics:

Of the coffee fans who were espresso drinkers, when asked how many women they had dated in the past, 40 percent answered seven partners or more. Whether this data suggests that, like their espresso, these men have a lot of short, passionate affairs or not is unclear…


The next point that was brought to attention was lifestyle trends. The following question was asked:

“Are you particular about the way you decorate your home?”

Again espresso fans kept their reputation for exquisite tastes alive, with 47.6 percent of users replying affirmatively. This trait for refined tastes doesn’t stop here but extends over into interior and other areas of fashion. The espresso fans’ success in various fields of life obviously has an effect on their outlook on life as well. When asked whether they considered themselves to be leading a fulfilling life, 33.3 percent answered “yes.”

The following question was also posed:

“Do you positively engage in your work duties?”

Again, of the coffee drinkers who replied “yes”, the largest group was made up of espresso drinkers, with 19 percent feeling that they were active and motivated at work.

There you have it! All those coffee drinkers that are particular about the way their favorite drink is made appear not only to have a higher salary and a refined sense of fashion and style, but also carry popularity with the opposite sex and a sense of fulfillment in life.

Are these latest findings enough to turn all you non-coffee drinkers into fans of the black stuff?

Source: Excite Japan
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