While it’s easy to get swept up in all the talk of new technology and the future of home entertainment, it’s sometimes nice to take a moment to focus on the more leisurely pursuits that one can enjoy. As we’ve seen before, the kinds of arts and crafts that have been popular hobbies for generations can still manage to impress us, and this piece is no exception– transforming a regular pet into the evil lizard king Bowser from the Super Mario Bros. games.

Made by expert crocheter Jennifer Olivarez of ingenious craft site Squirrel Picnic, this “sweater” was designed for a friend’s pet tortoise, Mrytle, to make him (yes, Mrytle is a “he”) easy to spot while out in the garden. Asked to put together something using masculine colours, Jennifer opted to model the mini sweater on non other than ferocious bad guy Bowser, or King Koopa as he’s otherwise known.

bowser mario wiki

Starting off with a series of simple (I say simple- the closest I’ve ever come to crocheting is repairing a hole in a sock) green hexagons, Jennifer then added white spikes with a brown outline and sewed them all together.

koopa shell almost complete

With the koopa shell starting to take the correct form, Jennifer then added a white outline and an elasticated green strap to slip around the underside of Mrytle’s own shell to keep the sweater in place while he wanders around the garden breathing fire at children and heroic plumbers.

A flash of the changing-room curtain later and Mrytle’s ready to rule the mushroom kingdom once and for all! Now that’s what we call a sweater!

▼ Ghaaaaah!

koopa finished

Incredible work, Jennifer. We’re sure you’ve just made Mrytle’s — and quite a few gamers’ — day!

Source: Squirrel Picnic
Bowser image via Mario Wiki