Cast your vote in one of the cutest elections around! A total of 100 characters are in the running to be named crowd favourite in Sanrio’s annual popularity poll this year, each one primped and ready with the standard political sash and some imaginative campaign promises. We take a look at some of the elected delegates, from well-known favourites to brand new faces and some unique characters we never even knew existed. Will Hello Kitty come out on top? Or will she be knocked off her perch by a smiling high speed train, a group of android beetles, or a dog that resembles a custard dessert? Take a look and choose your favourite for 2013!

Voting in the Sanrio character poll, first started in 1986, runs from May 10 to July 7 this year. Current mid-term results reveal that the delegate to beat is Pom Pom Purin, a golden retriever who happens to look like a popular custard pudding, known as purin in Japan.


Perhaps he’s winning people over with his campaign promise to release a real Pom Pom Purin dessert in stores if he makes it to the top three? With a delicious offer like that, he’ll be a hard pup to beat!

Let’s take a look at some more witty campaign promises below:

▼ Hello Kitty: “If I become number one, I will run to your side and give you a big hug!”


▼ My Sweet Piano: “I’m a little scared but if I make it to the top 80, then I’ll allow myself to be shorn.”


▼ Beetroid (android beetles so advanced that they can understand human language): “If  we make it to the top 50, we will become human!!”


▼ Dear Daniel (Hello Kitty’s childhood friend): “If I get to the top 10, I’ll propose to Ms. Kitty!”


▼ Peter Davies (a dandy dog born in England): “If I fail this year, then I will return to England.”


▼ The Shinkansen team of trains: “If you vote us into the top 20, we’ll be able to keep up the good work, even overseas!”


Hangyodon (a fish born in China who hangs out at Ebisen’s bar): “Vote me into the top 15 and I’ll open a real Ebisen’s Bar.”


Mina no Tābō (the little boy loved by all around him has many expressions but none of them are ever serious): “If I get to the top 10, I’ll release an ID photo of me with a serious face.”


Bo Boku Nezumi Kozōdai: “If we get into the top 10, I’ll put my secret tri-coloured sweet rice ball snacks on sale!”


▼ Turfy (the Japan Racing Association mascot) “If I make it to the top 10, I’ll hold a special race and install a ‘Turfy seat’ at the racetrack.”


▼ Bearobics: “If you vote us into the top 10, then we’ll definitely lose weight this time!”


Yachiyo Charmer: “If I get into the top 50, I’ll hold a ‘bobbed hair contest’!”


Ichigoman (Hello Kitty’s superhero alter-ego who appears when she raises her strawberry smartphone in the air and people shout, “Power the Kitty!”): “If I make it to the top 10, I’ll release a new episode of my short anime, Power the Kitty!”


▼ Dark Grapeman (Ichigoman’s sidekick): “Vote me into the top 10 and I’ll get into a showdown with a monster!”


▼ Honey Momo (Dark Grapeman’s sexy secretary): “If I beat Dark Grapeman in the rankings, I’ll open a Honey Momo cafe!”


See Hello Kitty transform into a monster-fighting badass in Power the Kitty! Episode 1:

With so many exciting options, who knows what the final result will be? Cast your vote now and stay tuned for the announcement due on July 20 2013. May the best character win!


Source: Matome Naver Sanrio Character Ranking (Japanese)