We’ve seen some gorgeous time-lapse videos in the past but we’ve never seen one inspired by a Tom Cruise movie. Until now. Created by Javin Lau, a Canadian expat living in Hong Kong, this video captures both the spirit of a heaving metropolis and the stillness beyond it in more rural landscapes. While the contrast in scenery is vastly different, the overbearing sense of insignificance in both environments is exactly the same. This feeling of isolation, similar to the movie Oblivion which inspired it, is now striking a chord with Japanese viewers, who are praising the video for its quiet beauty and bold images. Check out the clip after the jump.

Some of the still pictures from the video look almost like they were taken straight out of an anime movie. There’s a unique sense of art in the colours, curves and lines of city life.







As Lau says,”Hong Kong is an unbelievably dense city, where much of the world can be accessed at your fingertips. But in a city where you can access the material world in a matter of seconds, it also has the ability to isolate you from the eight million people around you as well.” Check out the clip below:

Sources: Vimeo Javin LauKarapaia