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Japan’s Toyota Motors has announced that it will display its Camatte 57s concept car at the Tokyo Toy Show 2013, which begins tomorrow. The family oriented three seater is designed to be so simple that “even a child could drive it”, and features a body that is fully customizable by the owner, with 57 individual panels that can be attached and removed entirely by hand.

Designed to be ultra compact and bring families together in a small, fun space, Toyota is hoping that the car will inspire a new generation of car lovers, as well as encourage those who already own a vehicle to become more creative with their mode of transport.

Available in a variety of colours, from sky blue to sporty black with red stripes, the Camatte57s’ body can be put together entirely by hand in just a few minutes.

Check this out:

▼ We begin with the basic car and a platter of parts.

toyota car 1

▼ The demo team starts adding pieces. It’s like a Toyoto/Ikea collaboration!

toyota 2

▼ The car soon starts to take shape.

toyota 3

▼ Finished! Who’s up for a spin?

toyota 4

▼ And here’s the sporty model.

toyota red

You can watch the Camatte57s being put together by a Toyota crew in the following video. We have no doubts whatsoever that they’ve done this a few dozen times already, but they certainly make it look easy.

The Tokyo Toy Show 2013 runs between tomorrow, June 13, and Sunday, June 16. For more information, visit the website here.

Source: NariNari (Japanese)
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