Every year the Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant is held and 2013 is no exception. It’s a high stakes affair with the winner moving on to the Miss World pageant, so naturally beautiful women from all over Hong Kong are looking to enter.

Around 2,000 women applied to enter Miss Hong Kong 2013. From these, 129 were selected after reviewing the applications and moved on to the first stage of interviews. Following these interviews photos of the contestants were published and released on the internet. Ever since, net users in Hong Kong have been enchanted by the looks and spirits of these women.

The topic of Miss Hong Kong 2013 has gone viral in the country with a largely positive reaction to these women. More than simply saying they were beautiful, commenters were taken by their naturalness saying, “This is way better than every woman having the same face,” and, “It looks like no plastic surgery here!”

Moreover, these women who look like regular women seemed to have exuded personality that netizens were picking up on with comments such as, “These women have self-confidence and that’s beautiful,” and, “They just seem like nice people.”

They could be on to something too. Reports indicate that this year’s Miss Hong Kong has seen an increase in graduate students among which a few hold PhDs. The age range of contestants moving through the first interview also range widely from 19 to 27.

From this point the women will have to proceed through the second interview, swimsuit shoot, and semi-final pageant to select the 18 women who will take part in the finals which will be held on 1 September.

Will one of the internet’s favorite women earn the crown? Will these women all end up looking exactly the same after getting heavily made-up as we saw in South Korea earlier this year? The answer to these questions and more will be revealed in September!

Source: ET Today, Miss Hong Kong Official Site (Chinese)

Here are some of the candidates that captured hearts on the internet.




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