motor show 1

When the photographer said, “Give me passion!” we’re not entirely sure this is what they meant.

As our regular readers will no doubt already know, we at RocketNews24 aren’t afraid to dedicate a few column inches to bouncing breasts and manly chests every now and then, but every so often there comes a time, like with these photos from a recent motor show in China, when “sexy” becomes “What on earth are you doing!?” and you just want the people involved to stop…

Shared by Chinese wunder portal TTMop, this handful of slightly blurry photos shows what can happen when directors and promoters get a little bit carried away, instructing scantily dressed models to drape themselves over the latest range of automobiles like they’re engaged in some sort of illicit affair with them. Hopefully there were fewer female visitors standing around bored senseless at this particular show, but we have a feeling there were at least a few if these photos are anything to go by.


Car and Me: A tale of passion, panties and solid engineering

▼”Oh, Car! You make me feel like a wild animal!”

motor show 2

▼ “Let me feel your cold body against me!”

motor show 4

▼ “Oh, let them look! Take me; I’m yours!”

motor show 5

(Nine minutes later…)

▼ “Oh, Car, you were wonderful. Take me home…”

motor show 3

We shudder to think what their kids would look like.

Source: TTMop via VIP Matome