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The Honda Fit, known as the Honda Jazz in Europe, is a subcompact that has been around since 2001. The second generation of the vehicle debuted in 2007, at, you guessed it, the Tokyo Motor Show. The Jetta by Volkswagen, currently in its sixth generation, has been around a little longer, debuting at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 1979. Since the Fit first appeared on the scene back at the beginning of the millennium, the question on the collective mind of auto industry has been, “What would happen if these two met head on? Well, Chinese scientists Sunday drivers have finally provided us with the definitive answer.

Posted on a Chinese website, this picture clearly shows the Fit coming out on top. Details of the fight are sketchy, but the photographic evidence is not. While the Jetta’s front hood has buckled rather extensively, the Honda would appear to be hardly showing a scratch. Check this out.

▼ Fit!

honda fit




Ouch. Volkswagen can console themselves with the words of the late Socihro Honda, founder of the company manufacturing the Fit: “Failing and standing back up again is better than never having failed at all.”

Source: Byokan Sunday
Images: Byokan Sunday (collision), Wikipedia Commons (Honda, Jetta)