golfXinhua News Agency, China’s official news wire, recently reported animosity towards Korean golfers was growing at courses across the country. According to Xinhua and a popular Chinese magazine, Golf Weekly, reasons for the resentment include, “taking too long to hit,” “poor tipping” and “bad manners.” Discontent has built to the point where some courses are now reportedly refusing to let South Korean golfers play.

“Without doubt some Korean golfers display poor manners on the course. They take a long time to address and hit the ball, and nonchalantly break course rules and regulations. It’s unfortunate that a few bad apples are spoiling the image of all Koreans,” said one South Korean golfer living in Beijing.

Regarding slow play, Xinhua pointed out, “Part of the problem can be attributed to Korean customs and thinking toward golf, which dictate that since golfers have spent a lot of money to play, it would be a loss if they didn’t take their time and enjoy themselves.”

Caddies also claim the Koreans come up a little short when it comes time to tip. While the average tip from a Chinese golfer is about 100RMB (about US$16), it is said South Koreans typically hand over only one-tenth of that amount, 10 RMB (US$1.63).

Things must be bad when the Chinese start accusing others of bad manners; after all, their own reputation in this department often leaves one wondering WTF.

Source: Xinhua via jin115
Image: latitude news