Krispy Kreme Japan to release limited edition Matcha Azuki Donut sandwichKrispy Kreme has been in Japan since 2006 and is churning out delicious Japanese versions of the popular American doughnut to this day. Their most recent creation is a doughnut sandwich filled with matcha green tea and azuki bean filling, made even more special because it can only be found in one place in the entire country.

The Matcha Azuki Doughnut is part of Krispy Kreme Japan’s “Bimi x Bimi Festival” campaign (bimi meaning “good flavor” in Japanese) and will only be sold at the JR Takashimaya Krispy Kreme shop in Nagoya City. Matcha has been mixed with milk cream to create the matcha green tea portion of the filling and sweet red beans from Hokkaido were used for the azuki filling. Krispy Kreme collaborated with Nagoya’s famous Japanese confectionery, Kikuzato Shogetsu, to create this doughnut which was inspired by traditional Japanese flavors.

The Matcha Azuki Doughnut will be sold for 300 yen (US$3.15) each and will only be available for a limited time from June 19 until July 9. Additionally, only 100 will be made each day, so hurry on over to Nagoya for a chance to try this American/Japanese hybrid snack.


Source: Krispy Kreme Japan via NariNari