While Japan trudges and sweats its way through a finicky rainy season, everyone is awaiting the typically scorching hot summer that lies ahead. During the holidays many men in the country turn to the traditional garment called a yukata. A yukata is a loose-fitting kimono made of cheaper and lighter material than usual. To put it simply; it’s a bathrobe that’s acceptable for outdoor use.

But let’s say that you want the comfort of a yukata, but not the appearance of an alcoholic shut-in who’s lost all self-respect. For that, designers in Japan offer a slew of stylish yukata for you to choose from.

However, among all the competing brands these ads from Vice Fairy really resonate with guys like me and many other men in Japan. I don’t know why but their slogans seem to have the impact of a 10 ton steel fist.

These ads have a lot to take in at first glance.  First we have the use of a visual kei band Royz as the models. It probably doesn’t need explaining after looking at the above photo, but visual kei is Japan’s refined version of the old glam rock taking the androgyny and shininess as far as they can. Examples include X Japan, Dir en Grey, and Buck-Tick.

Then we have the use of artistic captions that are currently hugely popular in men’s fashion magazines, especially with subculture related fashions. Above or beside the photo of an ensemble you might read, “Where do I go from here? I’ll ask the sunshine about it.”

Now that we know what we’re dealing with, let’s take a look at how cool the Vice Fairy ads are:

Slogan: “Things are going elegantly. Elegantly.”

Slogan: “Let’s just see you enchant me. Let’s test the reaction time of the best yukata there ever was, is or will be.”


Slogan: “I will show the world all of the manly magic and charm that a man could possibly possess!”

Slogan: “Come, fear me, want me, tonight too, the hero is mine.”


Slogan: “Dare I say: This is the ultimate evolution [Vice Fairy].”

Awesome, right!? I know they don’t really make sense but something about them – something I can’t put my finger on – just seems cool about these fashion ads.

Eh, maybe it’s just me. Anyways, if you’re looking for something one part cool and two parts glamorous this summer, Vice Fairy’s sleek yukatas are for you!

Source: Vice Fairy
Royz: Official Site

Oh! By the way, for no reason whatsoever here are some popular quotes from the various Gundam series!

“Things are going elegantly.” (Treize Khushrenda – Mobile Suit Gundam Wing)

“Let’s just see. Let’s test the reaction time of your brand new mobile suit.” (Char Aznable – Mobile Suit Gundam)

“I will show the world all of the power and kindness that humans could possibly possess!” (Banagher Links – Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn)

“Come, fear me, flee me. This freedom is yours.” (Ribbons Almark – Mobile Suit Gundam 00)

“Dare I say: into the dregs!” (Gihren Zabi – Mobile Suit Gundam)
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