People the world over love to upload pics of their cute kitties, but with the help of this new app the cats could well end up taking the photos for you!

That’s right, the recent Twitter trend in Japan has users uploading photos that have been taken by the cats themselves! Usually these are a random occurrence, taken when a cat is messing around with its owners smart phone or tablet, and suddenly SNAP! They’ve taken a photo of their unsuspecting self.

But now there’s an easy, cat-accessible way for your furry friends to go snap-happy. The new app Snapcat can now be downloaded free for Android from the Google Play Store.

▼ O hai there


At first glance it looks like some kind of weird game with just a red dot moving around on the screen. Of course, cats go mad for this, their keen eyes following the dot this way and that until they bat out a paw and tap the screen. That’s when the app’s main function kicks in, automatically snapping a photo as soon as the screen is tapped, catching the bemused cat looking down at it.

The photos are automatically saved to your phone’s photo folder. Pressing the volume button while the app is open brings up a page of all the photos your cat has taken so far, and from here you can share and email them so that everyone can enjoy the cuteness of your furry friend.

▼ Pong, anyone?


▼ Some cool cats even strike a pose


They haven’t released an iPhone version yet, but if you sign up with the developer’s social networking service EyeEm you can give the app a try in your web browser.

I’m never one to complain about more cat pics to waste my evenings cooing over, but what’s next, cats with their own Facebook profiles?! Oh, wait…

Source: Net Lab (Japanese)