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“Dear Mario, please come to the castle. I have baked a cake for you!” reads the letter from Princess Peach during the opening sequence of Super Mario 64. Well thanks very much, Peachy-hime, but we’ve actually had a better offer from Australia where – spiders, jellyfish and marsupials with the power to kick your face off included – it’s probably safer than a land populated by mushrooms with teeth, hammer-throwing turtles and a fire-breathing king.

Besides, this is without a doubt the cake of our 8-bit childhood dreams.

Made by 25-year-old Rhiannon, cake decorator and proprietor of food blog Cake Crumbs, this epic creation is based on none other than world 2-1 of 1980s classic video game Super Mario Bros.

Taking five days to complete, the three-tier cake has everything from marching goombas to a beanstalk climbing into the clouds, at once filling us with nostalgia and making us want to press our faces into it and slip into a sugar coma.

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With each tier representing the sky, land, and underwater-based sections of the old-school game’s level, fans of Super Mario Bros. will no doubt feel immediately at home as their eyes wander over the cake’s surface.

“I fell in love with the 8-bit world so I couldn’t resist the chance to bring it to life with cake,” writes Rhiannon on her blog. “I wanted to make all the tiers join in a way that befit their sequence in the game [and] make this cake as level-accurate as I could.”

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I think we could call this a job well done!

8-bit connoisseurs among you will note how Rhiannon has even gone so far as to arrange the gold coins in the exact same patterns as they appear in the original game, with everything from the subtle colouring of the pipes to the background fences being recreated with painstaking attention to detail.

The hardest part of the whole project, Rhiannon says, was working to such a small scale. Each of the cake’s bad guys is under a centimetre tall, with every single fondant block having to be cut out and shaped by hand. Even the little clouds in the sky look identical to those that appear in the game, thanks to a some deft brushwork.

With this, pixels recreated in patchwork and a King Koopa-inspired sweater for a turtle named Mrytle, we think it’s safe to say that the world just can’t get enough of old-school Mario.

Great job, Rhiannon! Oh, and send us a slice when you decide to cut it, will you?

Source: Cakecrumbs via Game*Spark (Japanese)

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