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Xinhua News has reported that at around 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 16, a male commuter using the light rapid transit line in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, was punched in the mouth by an irritated father after telling his wife she should take their child to the station restroom instead of allowing the boy to urinate freely on the train platform.

According to the victim, Mr. Liu, who talked about the incident on his Sina Weibo (microblogging) account, he was standing near the couple and their child on the platform when the boy, who appeared to be about two years old, looked up at his mom and said, “I have to pee.” Instead of taking her son to the station toilet, the women picked him up, turned him around so the proper parts were facing out, and told him to “let fly.”

Mr. Liu, who couldn’t help but observe the scene, advised the women that perhaps next time she should have her son use the restroom. Upon hearing this, the women’s husband came charging over and started arguing with Mr. Liu, eventually punching him in the mouth. During the tussle, Mr. Liu’s glasses were knocked from his face and the briefcase he was carrying was damaged.

A passerby reported the incident to police, which resulted in the father paying Mr. Liu 100 yuan (about 1,500 yen or US$15.45) in compensation to settle the matter. “Urinating on the platform is bad manners. All I did was inform the mother of this and look what happens,” said Liu.

It might be a while yet before China is able to reign in its populace’s propensity to urinate and defecate in public. In the meantime, visitors, watch your step.

Source: Xinhua News
Image: Crazybluepanda (Used for illustrative purposes only)