In an odd move of journalism, the largely conservative Chinese government-run media outlet, People’s Daily, has come out with a rather glowing review of a pair of mousepads designed after a popular manga and anime character.

Kotoura-san is a series which follows a young girl having trouble getting accustomed to her ability to read people’s minds, particularly her friend Yoshihisa Manabe who fantasizes about her with larger breasts.

In honor of the series, these mousepads are designed with the images of regular Haruka Kotoura and the large chested Kotoura of Manabe’s fantasy. Each one is filled with gel in the chest region to simulate the feel of her breasts.

Why People’s Daily’s international edition Global Times has decided to cover these mousepads now remains a mystery. They have been sold for years in both Japan and China and they’re not exactly a government-run news source’s go-to topic.

Weirder still, the news organization absolutely loves these mousepads. Here’s an excerpt:

“According to the makers, two types or mousepads were made. One features the regular chest of Kotoura to scale, which the user can work without any problems. However, the “3-D Version” contains plenty of gel. It warms the user’s hand while they enjoy the feel of Kotoura’s soft breasts… its design is a perfect blend of utility as well as pleasure.”

Huh… there you have it. The Communist Party of China apparently endorses the use of Kotoura-san boobie mousepads. There’s only one reason I can figure why they’re doing this: They’re trying to cut in on RocketNews24’s action!

Clearly not satisfied with covering domestic and global events, the Chinese government has begun moving in on the bread and butter of RocketNews’ reporting – kinky Japanese products. If we start seeing party-chief Yu Zhengsheng eating giant cheeseburgers or drinking poop-based beverages, it may get ugly.

Source: Huanqiu (Chinese)
Original Article by Megumi Sawai

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