Extremely organized desktop background is actually pretty coolWhat’s on your desktop background? If you forgot, I’ll give you five seconds to minimize this screen and check. Go on, I’ll be right here where you left me.

…three, two, one.

Ok, so really, what’s up there? A photo from your latest trip? Some hot girl? One of the default pictures that came with your computer? But I bet you never thought to use your desktop background as a way to organize your folders like in the picture above.

At first glance, I wanted to make fun of this OCD desktop background, but it’s actually a really clever way to keep everything organized. Computer is on the computer desk, trash is right next to the desk on the floor (right where a trashcan should be), and FreeCell is outside (where your mother yells at you to go and play). All the other icons are either neatly shelved on the bookcase or pinned to the virtual corkboard.

There are probably still a few of you out there laughing at this overly organized layout. Your background most likely looks like this:

messy desktop background

So stop laughing and go clean up those icons.

Source: Vipper Sokuhou
Image: Protein Power