Ever wanted to take your favorite anime/TV/movie character to bed with you? Of course, Japan has the answer in dakimakura covers, essential items in any otaku home that usually feature cute anime girls (bishōjo) splayed out and staring up with wide, innocent eyesDakimakura comes from daku, meaning “to embrace” and makura, meaning “pillow”. They are sometimes referred to as “love pillows” in the West (I’ll leave you to figure out why).

Taking inspiration from Japanese dakimakura, some Western fan artists have decided to create their very own covers featuring some well-known characters. Now you can see Marvel favorites Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America as you’ve never seen them before – in your bed!

Warning: Some of the pictures below might not be safe for the workplace, or those averse to a bit of (male) bare flesh.

Please enjoy some of your childhood favorites in pillow form along with the bemused commentary of Japanese Netizens.


This is madness!

Uh… what?

Kindred spirits!

This is kind of too much lolol


There’s people into this kind of thing in every country isn’t there!

Ahh, niiiice~

Why’s it only guys?!(((;°Д°)))

How much?



So these are girls’ dakimakura lolol

They’re all so macho lol



What the hell, they’re all old men..

I really don’t understand this one

It’s all American comic characters lol
But anyway, Deadpool’s expression is amazing lol

No matter what you do to him, Deadpool always looks good

Deadpool.. What the.. panties lolol



I don’t get it!!!
He’s hiding all his best bits with the shield!

I want Stark, Loki and Coulson

We don’t need Coulson, he’s an old man


I don’t really know who the characters are, but didn’t this kind of thing start in Japan?
And shouldn’t we be apologizing for exporting this kind of pervy stuff?

I’d rather have one with a life-like Robert Downey Jr




I thought this post was gonna be cute girls (#゚Д゚)

The things people think about aren’t really that different are they

Japan’s perverted.. that’s a good thing for otaku though

Somehow I really want a Hobbit dakimakura



▲  If you’re bored with the Tenth Doctor, flip him over and chill with the Eleventh


▲  One of the designs seen in the fabric


▲  When one isn’t enough


▲  Thor doesn’t look as enthusiastic as his new owner does


 ▲  The excitement was just too much

Source: HamuSoku