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As we mentioned last week, June 23rd’s full moon coincided with the celestial body passing through the closest point to Earth in its orbit, an event known as the supermoon. Unfortunately, last Sunday also coincided with scattered showers in the Tokyo area, and no matter how much fist-shaking we did, it proved futile in dispelling the cloudy skies.

Thankfully, lunar fans in other regions had better luck and were kind enough to share their photos and videos of the supermoon with the rest of us. Check out this stunning collection.

This year’s supermoon turned out to be 16 percent larger than an average full moon. While there was an unobstructed view around Mt. Fuji, another viewer was in the right spot at the right time for the cloud cover to actually add something special to the image.

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“Part of the moon was obscured by the clouds,” says the reporter, “but they made it look like a heart. It gave me a real feeling of happiness, and I wanted to share it with everybody, so I snapped this picture.”

The supermoon was, of course, an international phenomenon, as this comparison of it in Japan (top) and Germany (bottom) shows.

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“Oh wow, the supermoon in Germany was on a totally different scale!” gushed one Internet commentator, before having his bubble burst by someone more camera-savvy.

“Just to clear up any misconceptions, the difference in the two images is strictly a result of using different lenses to take the picture.”

Nonetheless, most people were suitably impressed by the supermoon, whether they saw it directly or through photos. “You sometimes see drawings of a gigantic moon like that in fantasy novels or comics, but I never imagined it could happen in real life,” stated one eloquent observer.

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As for our own sentiments, they were closer to one disappointed astronomy buff’s, “Damn you, clouds!!!

Thankfully, there’s another supermoon coming in August of 2014. That may seem a long way off, but by our calculations it should be just enough time for us to design and build a gigantic fan to blow away any clouds that threaten our view.

▼ We’re no engineers, but we figure 50 of these and two rolls of duct tape ought to do the trick.

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And if still pictures aren’t enough to ease your disappointment, we’ve prepared a selection of soothing supermoon videos. Some of them focus on the moon’s brightness or track its path across the sky, but our personal favorites are the images of the supermoon appearing alongside forests or buildings, ethereally blending the manmade and natural worlds.

▼ The Slooh Space Camera’s one-hour supermoon extravaganza

▼ The supermoon as seen from Spain

▼ From Ukraine

▼ The view seemed especially bright from New Zealand

▼ From Korea

▼ From Taiwan

▼ And finally Japan

▼ And while the moon on June 22 wasn’t technically a supermoon, it was no slouch either, as seen in this video from Hamamatsu, Japan

Source, top image: Hamusoku
Images: Hamusoku, Yahoo! Japan
Videos: YouTube
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