Messing around at work is an invitation for trouble. Especially if you and your buddy happen to work for the Japanese Self-Defense Forces.

It has been revealed that, at the beginning of June, two Japanese soldiers were using an air compress to literally blow air up each other’s butts. Yes: at work.

The soldiers have received stern reprimands for their “misuse” of the equipment, and one of the soldiers has even been hospitalized. (And, no, we’re not blowing hot air up your butt, dear reader!)

  • More than a feeling

The two soldiers who have been reprimanded for blowing air up their butts were, of course, both men. NHK, the national public broadcasting organization, revealed these details:

“At the beginning of this month, two soldiers involved in firefighting and putting out fires related to airplane accidents at Komatsu Base [in Ishikawa Prefecture] took turns blowing air into each other’s anuses with an air compressor. One was in his 20s and the other was in his teens.”

▼”What the…”


  • Afternoon delight

An air compressor, in case you’re not familiar with the device, is a machine used to compress air and blow it into tires or to run power tools. In fact, air tools can be used to drive nails or staples into walls or even concrete. Or, in this case, to deliver an airy delight to the stomach lining.

  • Under pressure

While it’s unknown how much air pressure the compressor in question produced, workshop airtools, like power cleaners and nail guns, are usually run around 90 psi. Just thinking about it makes our butts clench up and our stomachs sore.

The younger of the two men was admitted to the hospital for a week-long examination after experiencing intense pain in his abdomen. We wonder what he wrote on the admission form: “Excruciating pain arising from inverse gastronomic air movement?”

▼”Why the…”


  • Highway to the danger zone

The two soldiers are surely regretting their actions now. This kind of issue is sure to get picked up overseas (how could it not??), and it carries with it a grave warning: Inserting foreign objects into your body can be dangerous! Though we’re pretty sure that’s something most of us learned in elementary school. Maybe the better lesson here is: Your butt is not a balloon animal.

▼”How the…”


Whether it’s an air compressor or another object, please only use things as they’re meant to be used! We don’t want to hear about any of our readers getting hospitalized after using laundry machines to take baths.

Air compressor photo: RocketNews24 Japan
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