Fans of the classic action anime series, Dragon Ball and its many spectacular sequels should all be familiar with the Kame House (aka Turtle House), located on a tiny speck of land in the middle of the sea, where the legendary martial artist Master Roshi lives and trains. What fans may not realize is that an island identical to Master Roshi’s hideaway actually exists! Apparently, it’s called Noy Isyon Island and lies deep in the Philippines. Intrigued, we sent Mr. Shogo, our resident reporter in the area, on a search for the Turtle Hermit’s home. May all the fans of Dragon Ball rejoice, as he’s finally found the island and has picture proof to share.

The location of Turtle Hermit Island is not very well known, even among Filipino locals. Rumors told us that the little islet could be found in the middle of a lake, but further details were not very forthcoming. When our man first began his search, he encountered numerous red herrings. At one point, he thought that he’d finally found the way to the tiny secluded landmass. However, after getting set up with a guide and hiking all the way up a mountain to investigate, he was met with a lake within a crater and no island in sight. We’re not sure how “Turtle Hermit Island” got misunderstood to mean “crater lake,” but an entire day was sadly wasted on that sulfurous path.

The real Turtle Hermit Island exists like an island out of the movie Inception: an islet in a lake on an island surrounded by larger islands. To get there, one must take a ferry east from Cebu to the smaller island of San Francisco. It is possible to reach San Francisco from one of the other surrounding islands, but traveling from Cebu is the most popular route. From there, it is a good idea to rent a motorbike or other form of transportation and make way to Lake Danao. Located in the middle of the still waters is the tiny island that we like to think of as Master Roshi’s true home. It’s easy to reach by simply renting a kayak or other paddle boat.


As seen from the pictures, the little islet looks like it was taken straight out of the Dragon Ball anime! The land is so tiny that it takes less than a minute to walk around its edge, but between the naturally growing palm trees and the secluded atmosphere, it’s perfect! Yes, it’s missing the iconic pink Kame House, but we can always assume that it’s been “capsulized” and moved to a different location for the time being. This place looks very well-suited to martial arts image training and practicing the Kamehameha, though one should aim carefully when trying out these attacks; the surrounding locals are very friendly toward tourists, but they probably wouldn’t appreciate someone destroying their lands.

Photos: RocketNews24

▼ Landing on the island where it looks like Master Roshi lives.

▼ There are a lot of hotels surrounding Lake Danao, but be sure to have cash. Most don’t take cards.


▼ Here’s the bike rented by our reporter for use on the island.


▼ The shores of Lake Danao.


▼ By the lake were various stands that sold snacks and fruit shakes.


▼ This stand had many items, including fresh coconut milk.


▼Here our reporter gets ready to kayak out onto the lake. Life vests are required.


▼ The kayaks were made for two, so you needed a second person in order to row properly.


▼ Check out the motorboat with picnic tables, for those who seek a bit more comfort.


▼ On the way to the islet, our reporter saw a number of multipurpose floating shop homes.


▼Can you spot the monkeys? Seems appropriate.


▼ At last, the Turtle Hermit’s island is just ahead!


▼ This island isn’t actually labeled on Google Maps, but it can be seen if you go into satellite picture mode. On the left half of the lake there is a tiny speck in the middle of the water. That’s our island!


▼ Here’s where the Kame House should be.






▼ And here’s a slightly better map to Lake Danao, the location of Turtle Hermit Island.