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After years of waiting in the wings, Mt. Fuji is now basking in UNESCO’s privileged spotlight, finally receiving recognition for its cultural contribution to the art and spirit of Japan. What better way to celebrate than with a look at some of the modern designs inspired by the sacred mountain? From dishes to beer glasses to wind chimes and umbrellas, we’ve got some of the cutest and most unique finds for you to enjoy.

Japanese rice bowl ‘Fujiwan’

A play on the Japanese word for rice bowl, chawan, the wow factor here really is in the packaging. Open the wooden box and your Mt Fuji rice bowl can be found nestled in a bed of clouds.

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Mt Fuji chopstick rests

Reward your chopsticks with a rest on these adorable tiny mountains! Known as hashioki (lit. “chopstick put”), these little nubbins are used when diners want to put their chopsticks down without dirtying the table or, conversely, letting the tips of their chopsticks rest on an unclean surface. These things are especially cute, though, and come in a choice of colours.

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Mt Fuji beer glass

Pour a beer into this simple glass and watch it magically transform into Mt Fuji. Perfect for the Japanese beer drinker who likes a ton of foam!

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Mt Fuji tea towel

Made using a soft, cotton mosquito net material, this small towel is quick-drying, absorbent and an adorable house-warming gift. It’s also very cute.

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Mt Fuji sake cups

The company behind the Fujiwan brings us some mini versions in sake cup form. The handmade glazes means no two will be the same.

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Mt Fuji pitcher

Use it for drinks with matching sake cups or keep it for dressing or soy sauce.

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Fragrant Mt Fuji designs

Sold in packs of eight, these colourful designs are imbued with an original, light fragrance called ‘Japan’s four seasons’.

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Painted square dishes

Decorative plates with a silver Mt Fuji. This is renowned, high quality Arita porcelain, famous throughout Japan.


Mt Fuji wind chimes

Listen to the mountains chime in the summer breeze. Even the paper cards to catch the wind feature Mt Fuji.


Mt Fuji stationery

This clever note pad contains three different designs. Simply write your message on one of the pages, tear it out and fold it into a clever table top decoration for the receiver.

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Mt Fuji masking tape

Now you can share the mountain love with your DIY projects and gift-wraps!

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Mt Fuji money gift envelope

Special occasions in Japan call for money in a fancy envelope. This one fits the bill perfectly.

Mt Fuji_14

Mt Fuji letter envelope

Open the envelope along the perforated line… Mt Fuji and its reflection in the clear waters of one of the five Fuji lakes are revealed!

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Origami Fuji

The crane is one of Japan’s most well-known origami designs. But a crane with a Mt Fuji body? That’s one species we never knew existed!

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Mt Fuji bib and socks

Make sure your bub gets in on the celebrations with this adorable baby gear!

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Mt Fuji_20

Mt Fuji pocket tissue case

Cute, practical and clever? That’s three good reasons to start blowing your nose. Aside from the snot, of course…

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Mt Fuji umbrella

Feel what it’s like to be in a volcano with this mountain peak above your head. Only with 100 percent less lava.

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Mt Fuji fan

Combat the heat with a snow-tipped mountain fan!

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Hiragana card game karuta

Test your knowledge of the 47 prefectures of Japan while also practising a Japanese syllabary at the same time. Priceless.

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Congratulations on your new status, Mount Fuji! We’re sure we’ll be seeing a lot more Fuji goods very soon!

Source: Matome Naver