Ōarai, a town in Ibaraki Prefecture 130 kilometres north-east of Tokyo, was an area hit hard by the devastating Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami in 2011. After the tragedy though, the port town received support from around the world, including an unexpected show of encouragement from an anime series set in Ōarai and screened on Japanese TV last year. The intriguing storyline, about a group of local girls who compete in battle tank championships, sent a surge of tourists to the area, with one sushi shop taking out the big guns and offering up a unique, and entirely edible, battle tank creation.

The sushi restaurant Kurisakiya was inspired by the hit anime series Girls Und Panzer (Garupan for short) and started selling the edible battle tank once the TV show was released.


The dish is known as Sensha Sushi (lit. battle tank sushi),  or more specifically, the Number IV Battle Tank Model D type. It’s certainly a worthy adversary!


At 1,900 yen (US$19.32), eating the tank won’t come cheap, but customers have been raving about the generous serving. One of the customers commented that the D model was “too tough to destroy on my own”.



Another customer, meanwhile, commented on the “large-calibre cucumber gun” which looks truly mouth-watering. Personally, we kind of like the wasabi ‘dirt’ that’s been ploughed away by the sushi tank’s caterpillar tracks.


All that’s missing is a set of wheels under the plates. Kids’ meals for adults!



Some yen, an empty belly, and a pair of chopsticks is all you’ll need. All the best for your battle with the tank!

Restaurant info:
Address: 531 Onukicho, Oarai, Ibaraki Prefecture 311-1311
Phone029-266-3355 Homepage

Source: Kurisakiya Naver Matome