In case you thought humans were the dominant species on this planet, some Japanese Twitter users have posted a collection of “cats doing whatever they damn well please in convenience stores” sightings, reminding us that our position at the top of the food chain is merely tolerated by our true feline overlords.

Some of these kitties are so persistent they’ve even been given special concessions by the convenience store owners, up to and including personalized hats. Clearly, the store owners fear the feline horde might arrange for a convenient, fatal “accident” if the cats’ whims are not met.

And if you thought blocking them out with tricky automated doors and “no pets” signs would protect you, think again. They’ll simply wait outside. Watching. Always watching.


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▼ Someone also got this cat a pair of pants to match the shirt. He just refuses to wear them.



▼ “Give me the red dot. Or else.”


▼ This cat conveniently doubles as an “out of order” sign.







Stray cat sightings aren’t uncommon in Japan. They’re mostly harmless and the cutest ones can even become adorable neighborhood mascots over time. But now that they’re organizing and taking over our convenience stores, we can’t help but fear we might all be working for Business Cat one day soon.

Source: Naver Matome