Herbal Essences trio

Yes, this really is a story that involves hot guys, floral-scented shampoo and English lessons. But, you may be wondering, how did such an unlikely combination come about? Well, ladies and gentlemen, meet Ricky, Matt and Justin, the “hot (ikemen) English teachers” who are now promoting Herbal Essences shampoo in Japan by giving offbeat English lessons in a series of videos brought to you courtesy of P&G. And these most definitely are not your typical language lessons.

Sure, I know these guys are just doing their jobs, but these videos have to be some of the most hilarious (in an outrageous and crazy way) stuff I have seen … EVER, and we just had to share it with you. Presenting: the “Hot-looking Teachers’ Dreamy English Lessons” (Ikemen Teacher No Uttori Eikaiwa)!

Believe it or not, there are seven English lesson videos in all, each on a separate theme. In each video, one of the three “hot teachers” introduces English phrases, mostly pick-up lines, that are related to the theme that women may (or may not) want to use in various situations when traveling abroad. Parts of it are in Japanese, but since they’re just explaining the English phrases, we think you’ll be able to get the gist of what they’re saying.

Video #1 At the airport

Video #2 In the plane

Video #3 In a new town

Video #4 At the restaurant

Video #5 At the bar

Video #6 Asking a boy out

Video #7 Asking his number

How weird and funny is that? Especially the introduction showing the three men striking crazy poses at the beginning of each video.

All right, maybe some of the phrases are worth learning if you’re studying English, and there’s no denying the three teachers are all good-looking and seriously ripped, but do they really have to give their lessons bare-chested? Well, according to P&G, they actually went through some serious physical training before shooting the videos, so I guess we have to at least give them credit for the effort they put in. It can’t be easy getting into that kind of shape, after all.

▼ The three hot teachers, Ricky, Matt and Justin

Herbal Essence Ricky

Herbal Essences Matt

Herbal Essences Justin

Oh, and you probably noticed they put in a sentence that mentions Herbal Essences shampoo at the end of each video, but after seeing the videos multiple times and crying with laughter, we still have no idea what English lessons given by bare-chested hot-looking men have to do with floral-scented shampoo! (And just so we don’t forget this is a commercial for a shampoo, we thought we’d mention that P&G’s Herbal Essences products in Japan apparently come in three types — the “Green Garden” collection perfumed with the scent of fresh greens in early summer, the rose-scented “touchable smooth” line, and the “touchable moisture” line that contains lavender and honey.)

So, what did you think of the videos? Or are you at a loss for words after being blasted with the sexy charm of these hot teachers? Personally, I would really like to know how they came up with the idea for these videos — now, that should be an interesting story!

Source: YouTube,  Herbal Essences special website (Japanese)
Top Image and Inset Photos: YouTube

And there’s also a short bonus video clip that you’re directed to once you’ve seen all seven of the lessons, but remember, you’re only supposed to see this after going through all of the lessons, so try not to cheat!