An unanticipated steamy love scene in a film or drama series might be a welcome surprise when viewing privately in your man cave, but it’s another matter entirely when the whole family’s crammed on the couch sharing the experience. And according to a recent survey, it’s not just Western families who become completely flustered when a sudden sex scene interrupts the family viewing.

Prior to the widespread use of the Internet, surprise nudie scenes were the primary reason to watch a Stephen Seagal movie, but they occasionally wound up in material seemingly safe for family viewing, making mom shift uncomfortably in her seat and dad clear his throat before excusing himself to fix a drink. Nowadays this awkward family situation can only be on the rise, given the incredible popularity of boob and violence-heavy Game of Thrones, and other racy premium cable series.

▼ A whole generation will remember having “the talk” because of this show.


In Japan, some nudity is allowed on basic cable after 11 p.m., so clever kids know to take their watching to their own rooms in the late hours. But recently, racy scenes have been creeping into prime time programming too. Sensing a growing social problem, NicoNico News took it on themselves to conduct a survey of Japanese television watchers to find the top 45 most common family reactions when suggestive content catches them by surprise. Here are the top 10, many of which may bring back cringe-inducing memories for anyone who was growing up when Time Cop came out:

1. Everyone suddenly gets quiet and sits very, very still.

2. Everyone does their best to act like nothing is out of the ordinary.

3. A parent immediately tries to change the channel.

4. A younger child asks what those people on TV are doing, making everything even more awkward.

5. The kids pretend to be playing with their phones.

6. Mom laughs and tries to play it off like no big deal.

7. The kids freak out.

8. Dad loudly clears his throat to try and drown out the… amorous noises.

9. Dad immediately disappears to the toilet.

10. The kids try to change the channel.

The other responses consisted of some variation on the above themes, which is unsurprising because humans are physiologically incapable of doing anything else when faced with extraordinarily uncomfortable circumstances, like being present for your child’s first eyeful of boob.

Source: NicoNico News

Title Image: Wikimedia Commons

Inset: Game of Thrones Wiki