It’s summer and the cockroach index is at its peak in many parts of Japan. During this time of the year most people have to do battle with our greatest foe, known as the gokiburi in Japanese. We all have our weapons of choice like spray, shoe, or phonebook.

However, even after we’ve slain the beast there’s still the issue of removing the body. Generally with bugs you’d just pick it up with some tissue and chuck it in the toilet, but cockroaches are supposed to be able to survive a nuclear holocaust. How can we be sure it’s really dead from just a little spritz of poison?

Thankfully we now have Goki Crane, a new way to pick up and dispose of unsightly and possibly reanimating cockroach carcasses without getting your hands dirty or your nerves rattled.

Goki Crane was developed in 2013 by Vision Quest. It’s a simple and disposable card paper box with a paper claw which snatches up your dead roach and safely contains it in its new coffin for an eternal rest.

Here’s an instructional video from Vision Quest, which is not only in English but even kind of sexy in a weird way.

This video was to go along a dramatization following the same woman as she carelessly leaves her pizza square on a couch only for it to be ravaged by a heinous gokiburi. Let’s watch, shall we.

But let’s say you want your commercial and explanation in the same place, or you happen to be a Japanese person wanting to buy this Japanese product. Here’s a Japanese Ed Grimley high on helium to do both.

Available for 189 yen (US$1.87), it could be a good idea to keep one around the home just in case you have to suddenly dump a body. As an added benefit it kind of looks like one of those Ghostbusters traps too.

Source: Vision Quest via Gigazine (Japanese)
Video: YouTube – 1, 2, 3