What do you get when an elderly woman and her car for a nice shopping trip? A boring drive? A lazy trip there and back? A speeding flight off the third floor?

Strap in, because this one is a doozy!

On July 4, around 2:30 p.m., a 69-year-old retired woman in Kobe, Japan, got in her car to head home after a shopping trip. Everything was going fine until she touched the gas pedal and the car leapt forward, rushing furiously through the parking lot and bursting through the iron railing.

She had been parked on the third floor of the parking structure.

From a full seven meters (about 23 feet) up, the old woman and her car rocketed 15 meters straight out of the building and landed on another car.

However, that’s not where this story ends. The car she landed on served to cushion the impact, but her own vehicle didn’t stop!

The car then blasted forward again, damaging other cars parks in the vicinity, and dropped off a ledge before running into the parking lot tollbooth and finally coming to a stop.

Amazingly, the elderly woman sustained only light injuries to her right arm.

Upon questioning, the police found out that the driver had not, in fact, suddenly been possessed with the urge to become a stunt woman. Instead, it seems that the car accidentally accelerated itself. The investigation is ongoing, so we’re still not sure if there really was a malfunction with the car or not.

▼Here’s a video showing the damage to the wall and just how far her wild ride went.

Thankfully, absolutely no one else was injured. The owner of the car that served to buffer the blow of the initial landing said, “I can’t believe she landed on my car. I’m speechless.” We imagine her insurance company is as well. What in the world would that be filed under?

All joking aside, we do hope that the elderly woman isn’t too traumatized by the incident. That would certainly give anyone a fright never to be forgotten.

Japanese Twitter users were mostly amazed and relieved that there were no serious injuries. However a number were also skeptical that the car “sped up on its own” and suggested that the woman had mistakenly stepped on the wrong pedal.

We’re thrilled that no one was seriously injured and would like to remind everyone to please drive carefully!

Source: Naver Matome