Market analysts have been reeling after the announcement of South Korean upstarts in the lucrative field of Photoshop trolling. For those unfamiliar, this is when people submit their photos for processing to remove unwanted people or change backgrounds. However, inevitably the Photoshop specialist “misunderstands” the request and a good time is had by all… except for the person submitting the photo I guess.

For example, a woman asking to look like a superhero should have been more specific when the Photoshop artist choose the Invisible Woman and wiped her from the image completely. Previously China had a firm hold on Photoshop trolling in Asia but now it appears South Korea is stepping up to the plate. Let’s see what they’ve got!

Request: “Can you make my arm look like some kind of wild animal?”

A wild arm appeared!

Request: “My friend got married recently. I’d like to make this photo kind of celebratory and send it to him.”

Always a bride’s maid, never a bride.

Request: “Could you take me out of the picture and make it look like the baby is flying?”

It’s the only way to fly.

Request: “Make it look like I’m with Iron Man please.”

Sure but he’s in a rush. Oh, here he comes now.

Request: “Make me look like a badass hacker!”

Badass hackers have needs too.

Request: “My face is a little dark. Could you brighten it up please?”

Yes, and your light shall lead the masses to salvation.

Request: “Can you do something cool with the fire I’m handling?”

No, but you can!

Request: “Make it look like I have a harem, please!! Surround me with women!!”

I wasn’t sure what your type was, so I included a broad range.

Request: “Please, make it look like I’m eating something no one in the world has ever eaten before.”

I’m going to assume that this is one of those things. By the way, I threw in a cat to take care of that roach behind you.

Request: “I want to look like a super hero!!”

Behold! The Invisible Woman!

Request: “Could you make me look like I’m in a Greek myth?”

You are now Eros, the god of love… all kinds of love.

Request: “This is a vacation photo I took. But can you erase my grumpy aunt on the right side?”

Sure no problem.

Or we could put her over here.

Request: “Um, excuse me. Could you maybe remove that girl on the side of the picture?”

BOOM! Ha ha! Look at her run!

Request: “I took this photo a couple years ago but it’s too peaceful. Could you liven things up a bit?”

Got rid of those boring people for you.

Source: instiznemopan (Korean)
Original Article by Megumi Sawai

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