kitty much

That Kitty-chan never takes a break, does she? When she’s not appearing on kids’ pencil cases or pyjamas, she’s baring her behind and splicing her own DNA with melons. This time around, the world-famous feline is muscling in on expressionist artist Edvard Munch’s icon painting, The Scream.

As part of the new Hello Kitty Museum Art Collection, Kitty-chan has been cleverly painted into Munch’s haunting work of art using a similar colour palette and suitably warped lines, and is sure to upset small children and irritate arts aficionados at once.

Screaming Kitty, as we’re calling her in the office, can be purchased in post card (158 yen/US$1.60), clear file (368 yen/$3.68), and mini towel (578 yen/$5.70) form. And for those who like their twisted kitty a little more three-dimensional, a special edition soft toy key-chain is also available for 1,250 yen/$12.40 and comes complete with a sticker set so that Kitty-chan’s face can be arranged exactly as you like it. Which is not in the slightest bit creepy…


If you’d like to pick up some of these unique goods, pay a visit to the artart! web shop, which is due to open its virtual doors on July 26. Or, if you’re in Tokyo, you can either find Kitty-chan in selected museum gift shops or take a trip to Plus Creation, a temporary store situated on the third floor of the Ecute Department Store in Tachikawa, where the goods will be on sale until September 1.

Source: My Navi News
Featured image via Gotochikitty