This past July 13, McDonald’s Japan released their second premium sandwich, the Quarter Pounder Black Diamond for one day only for the ostentatious price of 1,000 yen (US$10).

This one in particular drew lots of customers thanks to its special truffle ingredient. Many were hoping to finally get an affordable taste of these luxurious fungi. However, many ended up still wondering if they actually know what a truffle tastes like.

The cause of this confusion was the toppings used by McDonald’s: high quality bread, truffle sauce, grilled mushrooms, and Emmental cheese. Sounds pretty good, but it seems that consumers were expecting something else as they took to the internet lamenting “rather than containing truffles, it contains truffle sauce.”

Sure enough looking through a Black Diamond ourselves, just as someone commented, “it’s only used in the black truffle sauce! No matter how hard I look, there are only mushrooms.”

“I eat this many mushrooms in a year. This is ridiculous! Truffles? Were they even there?” typed one disappointed eater. In all fairness, all of the descriptions advertised by McDonald’s Japan had clearly said that this Quarter Pounder contained truffle sauce and not truffles. It would seem that the confusion may have been caused by the promotional image shown at the top of the article showing a full solid truffle next to the sandwich.

Of course that shouldn’t be taken to mean it contained a truffle by itself, but when you compare it to the other premium Quarter Pounders you can kind of see how people might get misled. Both the previous week’s Gold Ring is shown next to its thick puck of pineapple as it is on the sandwich and next week’s Ruby Spark is photographed next to a stack of the hearty chorizo slices that top the burger.

Most people’s dismay came from not knowing if they were actually tasting truffle and what that taste really was. Complaints of “I didn’t know if I was tasting truffle or mushroom,” “poor people can’t know if the truffle sauce actually tastes like truffle!” and “they could have used chocolate truffles for all I know” echoed across the net.

However, in spite of all this disappointment a large majority of those who tried the Quarter Pounder Black Diamond agreed, commenting,  “although I have no idea what the truffle had to do with it, this burger is really delicious.”

Source: McDonald’s Quarter Pounder Jewelry (Japanese)
Real Black Diamond Quarter Pounder Photos: RocketNews24

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