Technology is a powerful tool. Think of the outstanding level of computer graphics created solely for the sake of our entertainment. Skilled 3-D artists can create entire worlds and bring impossible creatures to life if given the right imaging software. Now, the advertising industry is using those same tools to play necromancer and revive the dearly departed kung-fu legend, Bruce Lee.

That’s right; the image of Bruce Lee is back at work, but not on action films. This Chinese TV commercial uses the words and life-like image of our most beloved action movie legend to motivate you… into buying whiskey.

The commercial was made under the direction of Joseph Kahn to promote Johnnie Walker Blue Label, a Chinese brand of Scotch whiskey. The scenes were all shot in Hong Kong, but it took nine months of CGI work by the visual FX company, The Mill, to perfect the image of Bruce Lee. According to the director, every last detail of his face was created using CGI.

In order to truly capture the image and spirit of Bruce Lee, creators called for the help and guidance of his daughter, Shannon. It was important that they perfectly reproduce his image, so they sought her approval on every aspect of his appearance and expressions.


I guess she forgot to mention that her father never drank.

Nonetheless, it’s a very impressive clip. Ignoring the product placement at the end, it makes a fine tribute to the late Bruce Lee.

Source: Kotaku Japan (Japanese)

▼ Watch the full clip here or on Vimeo!