On 16 July, Asahi Shimbun declared the winner of the 61st Asahi Advertising Award to be the ad seen above. Chosen from 1,200 entries this ad not only perfectly explains the product and how it’s used but also entices the viewer with its finely woven blankets and well painted walls.

It goes without saying that this is an advert for Kincho, one of Japan’s oldest and most respected brands of insect repellants. These makers of mosquito coils and bug sprays have really out done themselves with this ad.

In it we see a pleasant-looking young lady just hanging out in her living room as I imagine all women do. The caption reads “I thought Kincho might be a beauty company.”

In a perfect endorsement for this brand we can clearly see that this woman has no mosquito bites whatsoever. I personally, thoroughly checked this image and found absolutely no bites… and just to be sure I did it again about an hour later after resting up.

When news of the award hit, netizens of Japan seemed to be preoccupied by the lady in the image rather than the great chemical products of Kincho. “If she’d lose some weight…” started one commenter before disappearing beneath barrage of comments such as “Actually this is probably the ideal figure.” 

The debate over her weight dragged on into the night without a single person bothering to mention that Kincho’s mosquito sprays provide up to 12 hours of protection. Meanwhile, other netizens did some detective work and revealed the name of the model to be one Yuiko Matsukawa, who we’re guessing is about to get a ton of job offers.

Kincho has been developing high quality pest control chemicals since 1885, and with keen advertising like this they should be around for centuries to come. Now let me just check one last time that this girl hasn’t been bitten by any mosquitos…

Source: Asahi Shimbun Advertising Division via Himasoku (Japanese)
Kincho: Official Site (Japanese)
Yuiko Matsukawa: Model Profile and Blog (Japanese)

▼ You can keep up to date on Ms. Matsukawa’s life through her blog where you can watch her do lots of interesting stuff like eat corn with a friend at a festival.

▼ And bananas with a friend at a festival. Um…