The online men’s magazine AskMen recently announced the world’s horniest countries, with Greece proudly taking the top spot, China coming in at number four, and Japan – against all odds – mysteriously absent from the list altogether.

When it comes to sex, Japan is a bit of a conflicted country. While she sports a thriving and diverse porn industry and myriad fertility-themed festivals, between the sheets, the Japanese appear to have about as much enthusiasm for actual sex as they do for root canals, consistently placing in the world’s bottom bracket in terms of frequency, and up to a third of 20-something Japanese men claiming to have zero interest in sex.


China, on the other hand, snagged the fourth spot through virtue of a whopping 70 percent of the world’s adult goods being manufactured there. The 5,000 new adult shops opening in Beijing over the last eight years also helped boost China’s ranking.

Japanese Netizens seem oddly wounded by Japan not appearing on what most people would consider a shameful ranking:

“I’m filled with regret at this news.”

“We are not horny in Japan. We are HENTAI!”

“This is a national disgrace.”

“This list clearly doesn’t take masturbation into account.”

“No way. There’s obviously some kind of mistake here.”

Come on, Japan, we really do expect to see you do better next you!

Source: Hachima Kiko
Photos: RocketNews24