Salad 3

Tired of being taken to the cleaners by overly enthusiastic patrons at its all-you-can-eat salad bar, a few years ago, Pizza Hut China decided to limit customers to a one-plate serving. After implementing the new rule, however, the company still found itself losing money as customers started stacking their fruit and vegetables into enormous towers, packing as much onto their plates as physically possible.

Check out this collection of photos depicting the monolithic cuisine creations.

1. Ah, so you like cucumber do you?

Salad 1
2. Don’t bump the table!

salad 2
3. Watermelon delight!

Salad 3
4. Is there a plate somewhere below that monstrosity?

salad 4
5. Nice color scheme.

Salad 5
6. How to build the perfect, ah, salad.

salad 6
7. Cucumbers make for a strong outer wall.

salad 7
8. Come on, a little more variety would be nice.

salad 8
9. The prefect “date” activity.

salad 9
10. Building a strong base is important.

salad 10
11. As is maintaining structural integrity.

salad 11
12. How high can you go?

salad 12
13. Rather artistic, don’t you think?

salad 13
14. Hmmm, there must be a better way to apply dressing.

salad 14

Even though the one-plate-serving salad bar was priced at a relatively expensive 32 yuan (about US$5.20), Pizza Hut was unable to financially withstand the ingenuity of its “salad master” clientele, and was forced to abandon the option back in 2009. It’s a shame, really, because it was nice to see such creativity amongst diners!

Source: labaq
Images: Seanpflower (top), labaq