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Ladies and gentlemen, the moment we have all been waiting for is finally here. For a while we thought it might never happen, but we’re happy to announce that the hugely successful Japanese charity breast-squeeze is back!!!

That’s right, the event that grabbed the attention of millions last year is set to return this summer, with both men and women in Japan’s capital city invited to put down some yen, wash up and give a pair of warm, welcoming breasts a gentle squeeze, at once making the world a better place and ensuring that the remainder of their day is all sunshine and smiles.

Paradise TV’s “Erotica Will Save the World 2013” 24-hour live-streamed event invites Tokyo’s cheekier residents to donate a small sum of money to its STOP AIDS movement in exchange for the chance to fondle a young lady’s boobies for a few seconds during the Oppai Bokin (breast fundraiser).

Promoting fun, safe sex, the event hopes to educate as well as entertain and raise awareness, and is backed by the Japan Foundation for AIDS Prevention, with all proceeds going towards the further research and treatment of the disease.

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This year there will only be six ‘breast volunteers’ compared to last year’s 10, but they will be divided into kyonyuu and binyuu (‘huge’ and ‘beautiful’, respectively) breast categories, with generous donors able to vote on which they prefer after having inspected the goods first-hand. Of course, there’s no reason to rush your decision as visitors are free to donate as many times as they like, earning themselves additional squeezes in the name of charity and science.

As well as the hugely popular breast squeeze attraction, a number of smaller stands and stage areas from which events will be broadcast are set to attract thousands of visitors determined to have a little adult fun and do their part of a good cause.

If you’re in Tokyo next month and feeling generous, be sure to get down there and do your part. After all, how often in life do you get to fondle a stranger’s breasts while wielding the veritable Get Out of Jail Free card that is the phrase “It’s for charity”?

Event info:
Name: Erotica Will Save the World 2013
Location: Paradise TV Donation Area, Shinjuku 5-12-4, Tokyo
Date/time: Sat, August 24 20:00 ~ Sun, August 25 20:00.
Website: Paradise TV (Japanese)

Source/images: Paradise TV via My Game Newsflash

▼ Last year’s event went down a storm. We can’t imagine why…

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