Hatsune Miku fans eager to order the “Naked Hatsune Miku Love Pillow Cover” were faced with quite an unexpected image on the product’s Amazon JP page!

(This post contains images that may not be safe for work)

The seller Sunshinecos on Amazon offers a mind-boggling range of dakimakura (“love pillow”) covers featuring anime girls in various compromising poses and states of undress to share your bed with. There are several Hatsune Miku versions on offer, but this week one of them seemed to have transformed into a rather different design. Those poor otaku, getting themselves worked up thinking they were one click away from Miku-chan splayed out across their screen, only to be faced with…


In a sense it lives up to the promise of nudity, discounting the collar of course. And if you squint, the legs even make the shape of an ‘M’.. just about.. kind of…okay never mind…


The pic has now been changed, but you really have to wonder how this mistake came about in the first place. Perhaps the lil fella accidentally wandered into the seller’s “naked anime girls” image folder?

The images below give an idea of what potential purchasers were expecting. They can all be ordered via Amazon JP, in case you were wondering.

Warning: NSFW




Source: Gigazine