The best part of summer is, without question, all the delicious frozen foods!

Ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbert, milkshakes, and, of course, shaved ice, or kakigori in Japanese, are some of the most delectable things to you can gobble down to help keep your cool this summer.

But, since this is Japan, simple kakigori with strawberry syrup just isn’t enough! Here’s some of the cutest shaved ice you’ll see this year!

While you may be familiar with snow cones, kakigori is a bit different. The ice is generally “fluffier” and condensed milk is often used to sweeten the treat in addition to the flavoring of your choice. Though, really, who would choose anything besides strawberry?

In addition to being the tastiest dishes you’ll put in your mouth this summer, here’s some kakigori that might end up being the cutest things you eat as well!

  • Japanese Ice Ouca

Ouca, a specialty ice cream store in Tokyo, also sells beary cute shaved ice! Here are four of our favorites!

▼The “white bear,” whose mouth is actually an adorable (and delectable) dab of ice cream! Who could say no to a face like that?ouca1

▼The “black bear” is ready to be friends! We’re afraid he won’t survive the heat though, so we’ll just have to eat his face. We all must sacrifice for friendship, right?ouca2

▼The “green bear” is also ready to chill with you this summer. It would be heartless to say no!ouca3

▼Sometimes this “pink bear” is feeling groovy and just needs to don his afro hair. We can totally get with that.ouca4

If these four adorable-but-delicious bears have caught your fancy, it’s time for you to head to Ebisu! The tasty bears above can be your friends or your dessert for a mere 580 yen (about US$5.80).

You can find information about Ouca here (Japanese only), but their address is: Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Ebisu 1-6-6 Tsuchida Building 1F. The store is open from 11 am to 11:30 pm (last order at 11:00 pm) March through October and from 12 noon to 11 pm (last order at 10:45 pm) November through February.

  • Sweet Terrace Patissier

If you happen to be in Gifu Prefecture, you’ll want to swing by Oasis Park in Gifu City to find some Mario-esque kakigori!

▼The “Fish Frappe” may only set you back 560 yen (about US$5.60), but it will absolutely destroy your diet!


No word on what eating so much blue food coloring will do to you, but if you get superpowers, let us know!

You can learn more about the store at Oasis Park’s home page (Japanese only).

  • Marumitsu Frozen Food Specialty Store

If you happen to end up further south in Okinawa, fear not! You can still satisfy your need for cute and cold!

▼The store claims that this is a white bear, but we’re pretty sure it’s actually a bird…marumitsu

Kimokawaii is the Japanese phrase for something so gross it’s cute… like this deformed-but-yummy little guy!marumitsu2

▼This is either a bear eating a cherry or a 1920s gangster chewing on a red cigarette. Either way, it’ll be in our bellies soon!marumitsu44

To get more information on Marumitsu, you can check out this Google Plus page or find them on Tabelog (Japanese only).

  • Imadoki

We’re starting to notice a white bear theme with these kakigori. But we’re not complaining! They’re the cutest and tastiest looking bears we’ve ever seen.

Imadoki is actually a restaurant specializing in motsu-nabe (a kind of stew) and pork shabu-shabu (thinly sliced and boiled meat with sauce and vegetables) in addition to serving the adorable critter below. He’s so cute, you’ll want to rub his nose as much as you’ll want to eat his face!


Imadoki is located in Nishi Azubu in Tokyo, so if you’re in the area, you can learn more about the restaurant and make reservations to meet the Kyushu White Bear above at their home page (Japanese only).

Their address is Tokyo-to, Minato-ku, Nishi-Azubu 2-25-19 Baribizon28 1F and their phone number is: 03-5466-3899.

  • Yoroniku

Also located in Tokyo, Yoroniku is a high-quality yakiniku, or grilled meat, restaurant that doesn’t hold back any of their cuteness punches when it comes to kakigori.

▼All dressed and no where to go…except in your mouth!yoroniku

▼”Aiiii! A ghost!!! Eat it! Eat it quick!”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

▼”Wait…why did you light my ice desert on fire??”yoroniku4

Yoroniku is in Aoyama in Minato-ku, and the recommended course will cost you about 10,000 yen (around $100). Yakiniquest, a Japanese website dedicated to yakiniku, gave it a very favorable review, so this is the place to go if you’re looking for grilled meat and shaved ice!

Their address is: Tokyo-to, Minato-ku, Aoyama 6-6-22, Luna Rossa South Aoyama B1f, and their phone number is: 03-3498-4629.

  • Kanna

A Japanese cuisine restaurant, Kanna also serves the most piggish kakigori we’ve ever seen!


In addition to a fish lunch and a special nightly dinner, Kanna also serves kakigori all day long (11 am~11 pm) for 600 yen (about $6).

Their website is here, though it’s Japanese only. The restaurant’s address is: Tokyo-to, Setagaya-ku, Shimouma 2-43-11 2F. You can also call them up at 03-6453-2737.

  • Yokai Food Research Establishment

Despite its peculiar name, this Japanese sweets shop is built around food inspired by yokai, Japanese ghosts and monsters, like Gegege no Kitaro’s Medama Oyaji.

But don’t worry! The eyeball staring at you in the picture below isn’t actually an eyeball. It’s just namagashi–a type of Japanese confectionery similar to mochi–sitting on large cup of yummy kakigori.


Not exactly the cutest item on the list, but it certainly is unique!

Unfortunately, even if you’re feeling brave enough to try this unsettling treat, you’ll have to head all the way down to Tottori Prefecture. If you’re there though, be sure to check out the awesome sand dunes!

You can also check out their website (Japanese only) to get a glimpse at some of the more depraved ways people have eaten poor old Eyeball Father.

And now you’ll have to excuse us, as we’re about to go devour a few white bears ourselves! Though it’d be much quicker if someone young and handsome like our boss decided to stock the break room with a shaved ice machine. Just a suggestion, you know, to improve productivity…

Sources: Naver Matome